What is MirTalk?
Finally, interpreting services just a few keystrokes away. MirTalk jumps over language barriers in real time every moment, whether you’re travelling business or pleasure, whether you offer international customer service or you’re a provider of social welfare or healthcare services, whether you’re working for the police or a law firm. MirTalk is a global interpretation service ecosystem that connects you to tens of languages spoken around the world. MirTalk makes it possible for the interpreter to be virtually present in the situation, thereby reducing the costs of interpretation based on physical presence and the challenges of phone interpretation.

Business idea and mission
MirTalk is an on demand -solution for video translation, that offers interpretation services the possibility of virtual presence any time and any place. When you need translation services, MirTalk reduces the costs of interpretation based on physical presence and the challenges of phone interpretation rapidly and efficiently by creating a virtual presence for the interpreter. The well-being of our interpreters and the satisfaction of our clients is very important to us at MirTalk. We invest in the professional development of our interpreters by offering constant training and by rewarding our best workers. As a responsible part of society, we are not solely focused on making profit but also on affecting societal problems. MirTalk donates every year a part of its profits to educating children, mainly girls, in developing countries.

There are over 7,5 billion people and over 6 500 languages. How do people communicate with each other? How do people understand each other? Thanks to digital economy, humanity is being offered an opportunity unprecedented in the history of human kind. Digital information has made it possible, that everyone in the world can be contacted twenty-four-seven. People exchange information using web pages, social networks provided by smartphones ja instant messaging applications. The world needs quality translations and understanding how languages work in order for us to meet the challenges of communication in the 21st century. Thus, traditional interpretation services can no longer meet the requirements of the constantly changing ways of communication. A new economy demands a ready (always on), multichannel and real-time communication service, that can be used when needed (on-demand). We at MirTalk help our customers bring down language barriers and enable them to accelerate the growth of their business in the international market. MirTalk is a quick and low-cost interpretation service for the needs of the public sector, meaning day-care centers, schools, health-care and social services, hospital, border officials, the police and so on. As a tourist, you can use the on-demand video interpretation service around the world in order to move from guessing meanings to understanding them. The vision of MirTalk is to provide a fast, high-quality, low-cost and global interpretation solution for customers to use any time and anywhere thanks to the properties offered by smartphones.

Client satisfaction
When it comes to our interpretation services, we offer our clients a satisfaction guarantee. Our interpreters are all professionals and we control the quality and functioning of our services. With the satisfaction guarantee we ensure that our clients are a hundred percent satisfied with our services. Feedback and comments also help us to further develop our services. The trust of our clients means the world to us. As a customer of MirTalk you only pay for the time used on an interpretation. Our business idea is based on our customer getting a direct interpretation service without booking a time in advance or having to sort out any extra paperwork. The operational model is useful for both the clients and the interpreters. The client pays for the duration of the service he has used, and the interpreter earns with his or her activity and high-quality translations. The client can add an interpreter into a ‘’favorites list’’ in order to use a familiar interpreter when need be.

Our business is based on our values. MirTalk is formed of two words: ‘’mir’’ means peace and the world in Russian and ‘’talk’’ is from the English verb ‘’to talk’’. Every person deserves understanding and some sort of a connection to the world. When we understand other languages, we have a chance to build our world together despite different cultures and languages. Understanding breeds peace and tolerance. Efficiency and ecological awareness, plus ethicality, impartiality and responsibility, the professional values of a translator, all form the values of MirTalk. In addition, our work is guided by the values of the interpreter community, which are solidarity, fairness and openness, and the openness, customer orientation and humane approach pertaining to the quality of our service.