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Welcome to Mirtalk. If you are in the European Union, these Terms of Use are between you and Mirtalk Limited (“MIRTALK. The terms (“us,” “we,” the “Company” or “Mirtalk” refer to Mirtalk application or Mirtalk, respectively, based on your country of residence.

The services provided under these Terms of Use (“Services”) are licensed, not sold, to you by Mirtalk Limited (“Service Provider”) for use strictly under these Terms of Use. Mirtalk Ltd reserves all rights not expressly granted to you.
  • “Services” shall mean the interpretation services that Mirtalk Partner is providing to its Clients using the Software (including the Client Software).
  • “Client” shall mean Mirtalk Partner’s end user clients, i.e., the entity or individual for which The translation agency is providing the Services.
  • “Client Software” shall mean the client interface components of the Software, the mobile applications and all Software installed on Client computers.
  • “Order Form” shall mean the document or other method (including, but not limited to, online or email order form) by which Mirtalk Partner licenses use of the Software from Mirtalk.
  • “Software” shall mean all the software provided by Mirtalk, and each separate component of the foregoing, and any updates, upgrades or enhancements to the Software or any Software component provided to You by Mirtalk, including, without limitation, any support software provided to You by Mirtalk via the Internet, email or by any other means.

1. Acceptance of Terms of Use Agreement
By accessing, registering or using the Communication provided by Mirtalk whether through a mobile device, mobile application or computer (collectively, the “Service”) you agree to be bound by (i) these Terms of Use, (ii) our Privacy Policy and Safety Tips, each of which is incorporated by reference into this Agreement, and (iii) any terms disclosed and agreed to by you if you purchase additional features, products or services we offer on the Service (collectively, this “Agreement”). If you do not accept and agree to be bound by all of the terms of this Agreement, please do not use the Service. We may make changes to this Agreement and to the Service from time to time. We may do this for a variety of reasons including to reflect changes in or requirements of the law, new features, or changes in business practices. The most recent version of this Agreement will be posted on the Service under Settings and also on, and you should regularly check for the most recent version. The most recent version is the version that applies. If the changes include material changes that affect your rights or obligations, we will notify you in advance of the changes by reasonable means, which could include notification through the Service or via email. If you do not agree with or understand theses terms of use, please refrain from accepting these terms of use and using the services.

2. Use restrictions
You may use the Services and Client Software only for their intended use. You may not use the Services for the following purposes:
  • Telemarketing, advertising, or call centre operation
  • use the Service for any purpose that is illegal or prohibited by this Agreement.
  • use the Service for any harmful or nefarious purpose
  • use the Service in order to damage Mirtalk
  • violate the law and regulation of country of your resident and EU member states laws.
  • spam solicit money from or defraud any users.
  • create another account if we have already terminated your account, unless you have our permission.
Mirtalk reserves the right to investigate and/ or terminate your account without a refund of any purchases if you have violated this Agreement, misused the Service or behaved in a way that Mirtalk regards as inappropriate or unlawful, including actions or communications that occur on or off the Service. The Services are not intended to be used or relied on for emergency communication. The Service Provider is not responsible for the availability of the Services in case of emergency or in connection with the emergency communication otherwise available in the telecommunication network.

3. Consent to Use of Data
You agree and hereby give your consent to that the Service Provider may (i) collect and use technical and personal data and related information, including but not limited to technical information about your device, system and software, to make possible and to facilitate the provisioning of the Services, including support and further development of the Services and the Client Software. All use and collection of personal data will take place in accordance with the relevant personal data legislation. Please see our PRIVACY POLICY further information on the use of your personal data.

4. Service Fees
You download the Mirtalk application from the Apple Store or Google Play free of charge. For an interpreter the using of Mirtalk is free of charge. If you are a consumer, a tourist or an individual who need interpretation help, you will be charged base on your time usage. For client and contract agreement the usage of Mirtalk will be cost based on agreement. No credit purchases will be refunded, in any situation. Direct video calls between two Mirtalk user accounts without an interpreter are completely free. The use of the application can be paid by the owner or another party. Customer can also pay with gift cards from the Apple Store or Google Play.

5. Intellectual Property Rights
You acknowledge that the Services and the Client Software, as may be further modified and developed, and all trademarks, copyrights, patents, trade secrets and other intellectual property rights associated with them are, and are to remain, property of the Service Provider. All related logos, product names, and service names featured in the Services are trademarks of the Service Provider or third parties. You are not authorized to use any of the trademarks featured in the Services for any commercial use. You may not sell, redistribute, sublicense, decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, emulate, derive the source code of, modify, hack, or create derivative works of the Services or the Client Software or any part thereof.

6. Termination
The Service Provider has the right to, at any time and according to its sole discretion, terminate your right to use the Services and/or disable your account. Your rights to use the Services will also terminate automatically without notice from the Service Provider if you fail to comply with these Terms of Use.

7. Governing Law
The laws of Finland, excluding its conflicts of law rules, govern these terms and your use of the Services.

8. Contact and Notices
The Services are provided by Mirtalk Oy, a Finnish limited liability company, with Business ID 2875313-5. Please contact with any questions or notices relating to the use of Services or these Terms of Use.